Home of The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu
Home of The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu
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Unveiling The Enchanting World of Hope Gold Publishing

In November 2020, Hope Gold Publishing blossomed into the literary world, becoming a beacon of whimsical adventures for young readers. Founded by Jasmine Pickett, the spirited creator behind the children's book series, "The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu," we strive to be a haven where enchanting tales and exciting escapades come to life.

Embark on delightful journeys with us and explore the enthralling Adventures of Jaz and Lulu, as we foster a space that ignites imagination, courage, and dream-chasing in every heart.


The Adventurous Spirit Behind The Tales: Meet Jasmine Pickett


Jasmine, affectionately known as "Jaz," has harbored a zest for adventure and new experiences from a tender age, finding joy in sports and myriad physical activities. Her life took a whimsically charming turn in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, CA, where a group of unicyclists and jugglers caught her eye and ignited a spark within her adventurous spirit.

Upon purchasing a unicycle, affectionately christened Lulu, Jaz embarked on countless escapades, each day unfolding a new chapter, a new adventure, ultimately weaving into the creation of "The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu."

The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu: Chasing the Moon marked the debut of a series where Jaz and Lulu’s stories transcend from Jasmine's adventurous escapades into a world where dreams are limitless, and every journey is a treasure trove of wonder and discovery.

With a unicycle as her steed and dreams as her guide, Jasmine aspires to inspire.

Through vibrant stories that echo her own adventures and endeavors, she encourages children and adults alike to step off the conventional path, explore the unexplored, and dare to dream, changing the world one wheel at a time.